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Global Positioning System – GPS – Since ages, humans have discovered many assistive devices for navigation on the Earth, the oldest of which is the magnetic compass. Tips based on the worldwide positioning body are the latest orientation aids that are being used nowadays. GPS device correct time. Determines the situation. A GPS body in a car gives complete information about the car’s speed, time, longitude coordinate, and a map of the near field, etc.


Global Positioning System- GPS Development

The worldwide positioning body, abbreviated as GPS, was first developed by the United States Department of the Army. It is a way of identifying the position of any person, object on Earth in which a body of 24 satellites is used. These satellites constantly revolve around the earth, watching the happenings on the earth and also taking a map of the earth.

Each of these satellites orbits the Earth twice a day at a distance of 20,000 km from the Earth. The orbits of these satellites are such that at least four of these satellites can be viewed simultaneously from the same point on Earth.

Theory of GPS body – Use of GPS body of satellites. Requires a GPS device that has the receiver and receiver used respectively to send and receive signals. Through them, the time in Visible 12 can be made from the relation satellites.

Longitudinal coordinates

Reduced determination of GPS consumer’s single position (longitudinal coordinates). This can be done by measuring the distance from at least three GPS satellites. Based on the measurement of these distances, the position is calculated by the computer’s microprocessor connected to the GPS device.

What is Satellite, Satellite communication

GPS Device

GPS Device To determine the distance of GPS satellites from a consumer, a radio signal is noted by the GPS device, the time taken from the GPS device to the GPS satellite, and back to the device.

GPS device.

Remember if a person is at some altitude from the bottom of the Earth, the GPS subscriber “altitude) can also be measured using distance information from at least 4 GPS satellites. Thus the end result related to the GPS subscriber’s geographic location longitude and In altitude positions 1 meter to 100 meters are achieved. The use of these coordinates gives directions for driving a vehicle or walking on its own.

Applications of GPS

GPS body has many uses, such as

  1. It helps guide directions on water, air, and earth trio.
  2. it helps in positioning on the map.
  3. it can be used on unmanned automated vehicles Helps in driving.
  4. The speed of a moving object can be determined with its help.
  5. With its help, the position of glaciers can be determined.
  6. The heights of the mountains help can be determined.
  7. It helps keep an authentic time worldwide.
  8. It helps in determining the movement of animals and birds and their movement.
  9. It helps in the flight of aircraft. Nowadays many devices such as mobile phones, i – pad, etc. use GPS devices. GPS is a free service to everyone in the world.

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The Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-IRNSS, developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), is a regional autonomous satellite navigation system completely under the Government of India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has named it Sailor while dedicating it to the fishermen of India. Its purpose is to inform its user of the exact position in the country and part of the country up to a distance of 1500 km.

In this system of seven satellites, only four satellite

Global Positioning System

s are capable of output, but three other satellites will make the information it collects more accurately. Each satellite is worth around Rs 150 crore. The PSLV-XL launch vehicle costs Rs 130 crore.

India’s domestic GPS, ie. Navigation with Indian Constellation- NaVIC has been recognized by the international organization 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project). However, it is not GPS. This is RPS i.e. Regional Navigation System.

But now companies providing international and homegrown mobile services will be able to use Sailor. This means that soon you will be able to use Indian GPS on your mobile. It is also possible that you will get the app of NaVIC in mobile along with GPS (Global Positioning System). It has been built by the Indian Space Agency (ISRO).

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